purple liquid poured into glass jar

Science experiment for kids: Volcano

The first story in the Kingsley Kids series sees Ms Higglebottom make a pretend volcano with the children in the science lesson. Despite the teacher being a little strange and grumpy, the children had a great time with the science experiments.

Most kids love to make a mess, and there is some fun and teaching to be had with creating these erupting volcanoes. This can involve arts and crafts to create the volcano, or simply head outdoors and use a sandpit to build up a pretend volcano.

Either way, it’s a lot of fun!

The video below shows how it can be done.


  • Bi-carb soda (or baking soda)
  • Red food dye
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • White vinegar


Build a volcano, either with sand, clay, paper mache or make something completely different.

It will need some sort of container in the middle to hold the ingredients then simply add different quantities to get the most impressive lava.

Share your photos or videos of your volcanos and tag the Kingsley Kids author @kirstyleehutton or use the hashtag #KingsleyKids so we can check them out.