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The Kingsley Kids is a children’s book series by Kirsty Lee Hutton, with illustrations by Harry Bullard. Combining education, reading and fun, the Kingsley Kids series will be loved by young and old. As a special introduction to the series, the first three stories have been combined into one printed book, allowing children to fully immerse themselves in the story and characters.

"The writing is captivating and the illustrations are amazing. Brilliant!!!" - Jess, Primary School Teacher (Grades 2 to 4)

This website features games and activities related to the stories, as well as suggested learning material for teachers and parents to get even more out of the books. 

"My son hates reading, but he took this book to bed each night and read it cover to cover. He loved it!" - Mother of a nine year old.

The Kingsley Kids are three best friends - Jaxon, Leo and Taylor from Kingsley Primary School in Australia. They are just ordinary kids who have managed to get themselves into some extraordinary situations. 


The Invisible Spray is the first of three stories, where Jaxon discovers a magic spray that can make things invisible. The three children use the spray to teach the school bully a lesson about how to treat people, but the spray comes with its own problems and complications.


In The Tiny Babatool People, the Kingsley Kids are called upon to help relocate the nation of the Babatool Munkens; the secret, tiny people who live underground. Moving thousands of tiny creatures is more difficult than it sounds, and the children need to use all of their problem-solving skills to get the job done.


The Babatool Banquet story sees the children placed under a magical spell to visit the mysterious underground world where the tiny Munkens live. Their small friends introduce them to a world the children couldn’t even imagine; a world filled with strange sights, incredible magic and wonderful food.

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Kirsty Lee Hutton - Author

The Kingsley Kids project is a passion for Kirsty Lee Hutton, the daughter of two teachers.  Kirsty has degrees in Law and Media Studies, she has worked in mining, corporate consultancy, personal training, writing and modeling.  She believes education opens so many doors and is passionate about getting kids excited about learning.


Harry Bullard is a Melbourne-based illustrator and graphic designer. He has a strong interest in urban and pop art including digital illustration, animation, street art, tattoo art, caligraphy and Japanese woodblook printing. Harry is so grateful to be able to do what he really loves for work. Harry’s favourite Kingsley Kid is Leo because he reminds him of his own little brother when he was that age.

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